My work is focused on liminal spaces, abjection, and the dichotomies between chaos+order, use+disuse, systems+chance.

I graduated from the Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2012 with a B.F.A. in Painting. I have had many adventures since then, but have remained dedicated to producing art. I want to provide an affordable and fun way for people to engage with art and grow their own collection. 

These paintings are an infinitely expandable system. They can be hung in any direction, and in vertical, horizontal, or other layouts. All paintings come signed and titled, and are totally unique.

For past work please visit www.dylanbenedict.com

For inquiries about custom work, or to place an international order, please send me an email via my contact page.

For layout ideas and mounting instructions, check out the Layouts and Mounting page in the bottom navigation bar.